Indian Pharmaceutical Congress

21st December to 23rd December 2018
(Friday to Sunday)
Amity University New Delhi NCR, Noida

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About IPCA
Indian Pharmaceutical
Congress Association
Mahadeva Lal Schroff
Founder - IPCA

Indian Pharmaceutical Congress Association was founded by Late Prof. M. L. Schroff in December 1948 with an aim to advance and promote the cause of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Profession of Pharmacy. IPCA, a federation of five National Pharmaceutical Associations (IPA from 1948, IHPA from 1963, APTI from 1966, IPGA from 1973 and AIDCOC from 1995) is the apex body of more than 25000 pharmacy professional members representing Pharmaceutical Industry, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Research & Development, Regulatory, Academia and Hospital & Community Pharmacy. The IPCA organizes the IPC every year at various places throughout the country in which professional and academic representatives get together to discuss matters relating to Pharmacy with an aim to project the image of pharmacist as a health care professional and to create the awareness about the pharmacy and pharmacy profession amongst the public.

The Indian Pharmaceutical Congress is a National annual event of Pharmacists from all walks of Pharmacy Profession to deliberate various issues relating to Industry, regulatory, academia, hospital and community pharmacy and to evolve collective wisdom for formulating newer policies for the country in the relevant fields and for the betterment of mankind.

IPCA organizes the IPC every year with an objective "To advance and promote the cause of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Profession of Pharmacy in all their aspects so as to ensure that Indian Pharmacy Products and profession are the best in the world and to help the public to get the best of benefit out of the same".

IPCA organised the First IPC under the leadership of Prof ML Schroff, also known as the Father of Pharmacy in India, in Calcutta in December 1948 and continued the legacy of IPC in the field of Pharmacy by organizing 67 congresses throughout the country to promote better dealing of the Pharmaceutical products including machinery and to create awareness among general public on usage of Drugs, Quality of Drugs, etc., and matters of common interest to the pharmacy community and thus the society at large.

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